Alp Blossom Smells Like Heaven

If I could only smell one scent for the rest of my life, it would probably be the scent of Alp Blossom.

This stunning cow’s milk cheese from Sennerei Huban is a celebration of springtime. Decorated with a rind of flowers and herbs from Alpine Meadows, the cheese is made in Austria and aged in caves in Bavaria.

It smells like the most delicious wildflower honey. Every time I open a wheel or cut into a piece, I have to stand there and sniff it deeply with my eyes closed.

Everybody is always so excited about the cheese’s beautiful exterior, but I was super stoked about all of the eye holes inside of this wheel. Eye holes are characteristic of many Alpine-style (“Swiss”) cheeses, and they are made by bacteria releasing gas. This wheel’s bacteria were pretty gassy, but they made a work of art!

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