Sunday Punday: Smackdown of the Cheesiest

This is the transcript of an actual conversation among cheesemongers that happened just this past week.

Nobody recorded it, but we did write down our puns afterward. Like you do.

When you’ve got jokes, and you’ve got good jokes, you use ’em.


Cheesemonger 1: I’m really keen on trying that Keen’s Cheddar we just got in.

Cheesemonger 2: What?

Cheesemonger 1: Keen, get it? Keen’s cheddar.

Cheesemonger 3: I’ll bet it’s really Gouda.

Cheesemonger 2: Oh my god.

Cheesemonger 3: It’s got to Brie good.

Cheesemonger 1: I’d even mull over trying that Isle of Mull if we get it in sometime.

Cheesemonger 2: You guys.

Cheesemonger 3: She just Cabot stop with the jokes.

Cheesemonger 1: I really mont-a try some Montgomery’s cheddar, too.

Cheesemonger 2: That’s not even a word!

Cheesemonger 1: But I mont-a try Monty’s!

Cheesemonger 3: (Uncontrollable laughter)

Cheesemonger 1: Har-har-Harlech!

Cheesemonger 2: Argh. You guys are really quick with those puns today.

Cheesemonger 3: Because we’re the Parm-dot-com!

Cheesemonger 1: Quickes! You cheddar believe we’re really Quickes with the jokes today.

Cheesemonger 2: I’m going to have an aneurism if you guys don’t stop.

Cheesemonger 3: Vella think she wants us to take a chill pill because we’re so Dry Jack-ed up.

Cheesemonger 1: (Uncontrollable laughter. Repeats joke to innocent bystanders wondering what’s so funny.)

Cheesemonger 3: She just needs to Mimolette us do our thing!


Cheese puns: they are really a part of everyday life. Just ask your cheesemonger.

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