Serious Sunday Puns for Curd Nerds

Not only do my co-mongers like to say that Sunday is the best day of the week—because it’s Sunday Pun-day, naturally—but they also often say they just can’t believe I am able to keep churning out bad cheese jokes at the rate I do.

It’s hard work, but somebody has got to do it.

Also, it’s a gift. What can I say.

(A gift for the people. You’re welcome.)



Why didn’t the cheesemaker leave some of his cheeses at home when he went to the market?

Because when he tried to leave, the littlest ones said, “I manchego, too!”




What was the motivational speaker’s most poignant advice for the novice cheesemakers?

“Don’t just pick a style; Picandou!”




What did the cheesemonger say at the end of her first date?

“I would be Leyden if I said I didn’t think you were great.”




Two affineurs were arguing about how long to age a new cheese. What did their colleague tell them?

“Let Emmental you what he thinks before you say no!”




What did the cheese lover say to her roommate while they were making cheese at home from a kit?

“I curd be wrong, but I think it’s starting to look right.”




And finally, an oldie but goody that I was told by a cheesemaker at last year’s Washington Artisanal Cheesemakers Festival. I was eyeing his booth’s selection of sheep’s milk cheeses at the time.

“Try it. Ewe might like it!”

3 thoughts on “Serious Sunday Puns for Curd Nerds

  1. stsiekel
    Love Puns says:

    Haha, thanks for this collection of puns. I agree there is nothing better than a good cheese pun! -Peter


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