Super Cheesy Jokes for Super Bowl Sunday

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The other cheesemongers in my life like to say that “Sunday is the best day!”


Because it’s Sunday Pun-Day.

In keeping with tradition–in a show of thanks to all the super cheesy people who read this blog–I present to you a slew of super cheesy jokes, hand crafted with all of my mental strength, in honor of Super Bowl Sunday.



What’s cheese’s favorite sport?

Cheese ball.




What did the cheesemonger say when his shipment of Parmigiano Reggiano came in?

Grate! Let’s get cracking!




What did the cheese lover say while trying a wedge of Vento d’Estate?

Hay, this rind is hard to eat!




What did the customer think of the new cheese her monger sampled her?

It was the best one Chèvre ever had!




What did the journalist say when he caught the cheese importer lying?





What’s cheese’s favorite TV show?

“The Mold and the Beautiful”






What did the cheese traders say after they almost missed their flight to Greece?

Manouri glad we made it!




What did the Louisianan cheesemonger say was her favorite instrument?





What was the affineur’s advice to the amateur cheesemaker?

The Langres you wait, the harder the rind gets.




What’s cheese’s favorite song?

“Take a Look at Brie Now”



No matter who you root for tonight, or if you even root at all, just know that cheese always wins.


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