Sunday Pun-Day: Conversational Skills Starter Pack

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Sunday Pun-Day on this blog. Since the last time, I’ve gotten really good at working cheesy puns into everyday conversations.

Sometimes, the puns fall flat. Like when someone doesn’t know what Scamorza is. (Read this, and you, too, will know what a Scamorza is.)

So, for today’s lesson in cheese-alese, I have prepared a list of excellent responses to everyday situations. Be sure to use them on your local cheesemonger, on your cheese lovin’ friend, heck, even on the most unsuspecting of victims.

If we work together, we can all spread the good word of curd.



When someone thinks you are lying, say: “I Cantal you don’t believe me!”






Or, when they won’t try the food you worked so hard to prepare: “You Burrata try it!”



When you prevent a burglary by being aware: “The thieves were trying to Queso the joint.”



When your mom is wondering what happened to all the rest of the leftovers from last night: “I Gjetost it all.”




When you play a joke on somebody and scare them: “Garrotxa!”




Somebody asks you what you did on your day off: “Netflix and Ciliegine.”



It’s getting cold outside: “Burrata put on a jacket.”



Having a romantic conversation with your partner: “I love you Scamorza then you know.”



Your friend keeps interrupting another friend trying to tell you something: “Shh, let him Stracciatella story, already!”



When you are hungry and were trying not to spoil your dinner, but now you have to have a snack: “I can’t fight this Ovoline anymore.”




Too much? No such thing when it comes to cheese puns, my friends. Happy Sunday Pun-Day!


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