These Puns are so Gouda!

Yet another Sunday Pun-Day is upon us, and I have traveled to the ends of the earth, collecting puns featuring the most ubiquitous Dutch cheese we know in America—and it’s a good one—Gouda.

Warning: these jokes only work if you aren’t obnoxious about insisting that you pronounce the name “Gow-da,” the Dutch way.

You have to pronounce it “Goo-da,” because this is ‘Murica and we speak ‘Murican. But really, the puns just don’t work quite the same otherwise. (And trust me—my least favorite pun is about Morbier, because I refuse to pronounce it like I’m clueless, “More-beer.” It’s More-bee-ay, dammit! But for Gouda, because we can be more accommodating with our language.)

So sit down on the couch with your snuggie and your Sunday cheese plate, and enjoy these Gouda old puns.




When should you keep an eye on cheese?

When it’s up to no gouda.








When should you not believe your cheese?

When it’s saying something that’s too gouda to be true.











What did the cheese salesman say?

That cheese may be gouda, but that one is feta!










What cheese do beavers like?










What cheese is made backwards?









OK, so Edam isn’t Gouda. But they’re both Dutch and sorta round (or actually round, in the case of Edam), so it works.

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