Sunday Pun-Day for Softies

This Sunday Pun-day, I’ve got some bad jokes about soft cheeses to help soften the hard blow of the realization that your weekend is almost over.


That includes soft-ripened cheeses like brie and camembert, pasta filata cheeses like mozzarella, and fresh cheeses like the Indian superstar paneer. They’re all softies, just like you when you’re lying on your couch in your snuggie, all curled up with some hot, sipping chocolate and a plate of night cheese.


Savor the weekend, savor the puns.


Laugh a little, my friends.










What is cheese’s favorite music?




What do you do with a cheesy credit card?

Go on a shopping brie.



What cheese do you use to lure a bear?




Who do cheeses go to for movie recommendations?

Swisskel and Camembert.




What’s Jay Z’s favorite cheese?




Why did the cheese jump off a bridge?

He couldn’t take it any Langres.











Which cheese surrounds a medieval castle?











Which cheese do cyclists carry with them?










Why was the fortune teller so cheesy?

She asked me if she could paneer into my future.


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