Happy Friday!

Nothing says adult relaxation like cheese, beer, and Legos, right?

I’m so stoked to have this wheel of Winnemere from Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farm–another generous parting gift from my co-workers at the Admiral Metropolitan Market cheese shop–a gift they gave me along with this Anchor Brewing Porter and Lego set, naturally. (The Lego set channels both my love for Germany’s capital city, my second home, and my PhD dissertation, which dealt with Berlin in the 1920s.)

Winnemere is a spruce bark-wrapped, washed-rind cheese. It’s sort of like Vacherin Mont d’or, but with good old Vermont terroir. The rind is crunchy and delicate, and the paste within is velvety, meaty, and so, so good.

The Admiral cheese shop only received an allotment of two wheels of Winnemere for the season, so I am incredibly fortunate to have received one of them.

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